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Myra Wall

Managing Director and Responsible Officer


Myra launched Skillsfirst Awards Ltd in 2008 with the mission to develop and deliver qualifications that would have a significant impact on the employability prospects and career trajectories of individuals in a wide range of industries, using her own knowledge and experience from previous senior roles in the adult learning sector.


Starting an enterprise from scratch required Myra to personally strategise and oversee every aspect of the company, including finance, regulatory compliance, sales, and client and partner relationships, while simultaneously planning for every possible contingency. Myra now adopts this holistic approach while assessing projects and initiatives, in order to identify development areas and conceive and implement viable, effective improvements.


Myra strongly believes that a business is nothing without its people. Over the last ten years she has hand-picked and continually mentored a talented, passionate team, each and every member of which has proved crucial to the on-going growth of Skillsfirst.