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Reasonable Adjustments & Special Considerations Policy


Access to assessment


Skillsfirst has a policy to prevent discrimination in the assessment of skills and knowledge.  This policy conforms to the requirements of the equality and disability legislation, therefore we can allow reasonable adjustments to assist learners in demonstrating competence.


To meet their responsibilities to individual learners, a centre should, as far as is practicable, have an access to assessment policy and communicate this to all staff and learners.


As an Awarding Organisation, Skillsfirst has adopted the Federation of Awarding Bodies Good practice guide entitled "The application of reasonable adjustments and special consideration in vocational qualifications" 2005. 

The guidance has been written to help Awarding Organisations and their recognised centres to meet their obligations on equality of access to qualifications and assessment, as required by relevant legislation, including the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and by the regulatory authorities' document 'The statutory regulation of external qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland 2004'.


To view our Reasonable Adjustments & Special Consideration policy click here


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To apply for a Reasonable Adjustment/Special Consideration please submit a request form via QMIS - if you require support please contact Skillsfirst customer service team



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