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I want to become an accredited Skillsfirst centre FAQs

Who can I contact if I need help?

By working with Skillsfirst you have access to experienced staff who will advise you on any queries you may have.


To contact the team email us or call 0121 270 5100


What will happen when I have submitted my Qualification Approval form?


An External Verifier will review the Qualification Approval form you have submitted. This may include a visit to your centre to verify the information you have supplied.


If needed, Skillsfirst will assist you in producing an action plan to guide you through the approval process.


Once everything has been completed you will be notified via email that approval has been granted.


Skillsfirst Awards is committed to guiding you through the approval process. If you have any queries please contact us.


Who's responsible for the development, implementation and regulation of NVQs/QCF qualifications?

This is regulated by the Sector Skills Councils. These organisations develop the national occupational standards (NOS) for different work roles within employment sectors.


What preparations need to be made to offer NVQs/QCF qualifications?

Your workforce will need to be fully prepared to undertake the development process and delivery of your qualifications.


What are the management responsibilities of an approved centre?

As a recognised centre you will need to ensure that you have a quality assurance system in place to safeguard the integrity of your delivery and to ensure that the regulatory requirements (Ofqual) are always met.


You will need to elect two named individuals to take responsibility, one as Head of Centre and the other as the Quality Assurance Co-ordinator, it will be their role to maintain contact with Skillsfirst Awards.


Your workforce will need to be supported through their development process, ensuring they have the required resources to help them complete their qualification.


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