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Employer FAQs


Will the training affect productivity, is it disruptive?

Our qualifications are designed for the workplace, by mapping your in-house training programmes, productivity downtime will be kept to a minimum

How long will it take to complete the qualification?

This depends on the level of competency of the employee and any training requirements.

How much will it cost?

It may not cost anything. There are different types of funding therefore the cost may be met in part or full. Where there is no funding, costs will be recouped from the benefits of training your employees. For information about our fees, contact our customer services team.


What are the benefits to an employer of taking on an apprentice?

Why should we invest in qualifications for our employees who may leave?

By showing your commitment, it shows belief in the value of your employees and inspires loyalty which increases the likelihood of staff retention.

What commitment is required from the employer?

You will need to allow your employees time to be trained and assessed in order to complete their qualification. We will work with you to ensure that the delivery methods are efficient and effective.

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