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End-point Assessment Organisation

End-point Assessment


End-point Assessment methods 


The Institute for Apprenticeships, have created a useful video which explains the various methods for End-point Assessment.



Funding Rules 2021 / 2022 for Main Provider


New for 1 August 2021 P105.1 - Clarification: To be clear that EPA costs must not be included in the TNP1 price on the ILR.


New for 1 August 2021 Clarification: To remove reference to the Functional Skills Qualifications temporary flexibilities which have now ended. (7 days left)


New for 1 August 2021 P157 - New rule: To reflect that dialogue with the end-point assessment organisation must commence at least 6 months before the planned end date of the apprenticeship.


New for 1 August 2021  P159 To reflect that the employer must both select and negotiate the price with the EPAO at least 6 months before the apprentice reaches the gateway.

End-point Assessment



What is End-point Assessment?

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