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Reformed Functional Skills English and Mathematics Levels 1 and 2 paper-based calendar


Our Functional Skills paper-based exam calendar provides the set dates on which paper-based exams can be taken for the Reformed Functional Skills English an Maths Levels 1 and 2. Exams must not be sat on any other dates than those specified.


To access the calendar please click here.


Reformed Functional Skills English and Maths Level 1 and 2 paper-based exams should be scheduled by the centre's administration team through the XAMS online exam platform. For guidance and support regarding the scheduling process, please refer to the XAMS User Guide. All paper-based exams should be applied for 21 working days prior to the date of exam (see deadline specified on the calendar).




A fee of £3 per learner, per exam paper for all Reformed Functional Skills paper-based exams is chargeable to all centres, this is in addition to the registration fee. This fee will be applied upon the scheduling of paper-based exams and is non-refundable. 




In order to maintain the security of the examination papers, ALL papers (this includes ALL unused papers) must be returned to Skillsfirst on the day that the exam takes place, or at the very latest, the next working day - failure to comply may result in a delay to the result release and could result in a sanction and the refusal to process any further paper-based exams.  


For the return of exam papers to Skillsfirst, we strongly recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery, signed for by 1pm. This service allows the item to be tracked from the point the item is entrusted to Royal Mail, to the point it is received and signed for by Skillsfirst.


Functional Skills paper-based late entry fees



For more information, contact our Functional Skills Co-ordinators at or 0121 270 5100 (option 1).


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