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Skillsfirst Apprenticeships

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SASE Apprenticeship Frameworks


Skillsfirst will continue to offer the existing SASE frameworks for as long as our customers require them. Our offer includes:


Skillsfirst apprenticeship certificates acceptable evidence for learner achievement


We have worked closely with the Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards (FISSS) to produce guidance and examples of both acceptable and unacceptable evidence of learner achievement.


The Acceptable Evidence section provides examples of ACCEPTABLE evidence and highlights the key data requirements which make a robust confirmation of learner achievement. Each example has a key so you can clearly see what you need to look for in your evidence.


These are the key pieces of data that individual Certification Bodies will look for when checking an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate claim.


This tool is particularly useful if you have submitted result claims to Skillsfirst very close to your completion claim deadline, but have not yet received the learners’ certificate(s).


Please follow this link to the FISSS website . Once the FISSS website has opened, select the ‘s’ and Skillsfirst will appear in a drop down menu, you will then see a screen which confirms what evidence will be accepted.


Skillsfirst Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) workbook


Learners who successfully completed the workbook can claim unit BUS39 within any of the qualifications in which it appears, contributing to the total credit value of the qualification:



The workbook has also been designed to meet the ERR requirements for the following Frameworks:



SASE Apprenticeship Frameworks

Business & Administration

Children & Young People's Workforce

Customer Service

Health and Health & Social Care

Hospitality & Catering



Sales & Telesales

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Teaching & Learning

Team Leading

Warehousing & Storage