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End-point Assessment


End-point Assessment


The introduction of end-point assessment (EPA) is one of the most significant changes in the apprenticeship reforms. It replaces the existing (SASE framework) model of continuous assessment resulting in qualifications.


When an apprentice has completed their apprenticeship, their employer will approve them to move forward to the end-point asessment of their knowledge and practical skills. This will be conducted by an independent assessor on behalf of an approved end-point asessment Organisation (EPAO) and, in almost all cases, be graded.


To understand what the end-point assessments look like for the standards you are interested in, you will need to read each assessment plan. This information can be found on the Institute for Apprenticeships Standards webpage.


We have also produced an Overview of EPA which provides further details and answers some of the questions you may have around end-point assessment.


Skillsfirst Assess has been approved as an End-point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for the following standards:



For details on the support Skillsfirst Assess can provide to you, please click on Supporting Documents on the right hand side of this page.


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We are awaiting approval to provide end-point assessment for the following standard:



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Don't just take our word for it...

"The support and guidance from the Skillsfirst team has been invaluable with equipping delivery staff with the knowledge and confidence to prepare for End-point Assessment. The attendance of team meetings, standardisation and training sessions by Skillsfirst staff has helped to develop excellent working relationships and ensure that the delivery of the new apprenticeship standards is in line with the End-point Assessment requirements."


Rhys Robinson, Work Based Team Leader

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End-point Assessment

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